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Trubrain: A Potent Nootropic Supplement

TruBrain is a nootropic supplement that promises to optimize mental clarity and focus, making use of a diverse range of scientifically-proven ingredients, from magnesium to Theanine. TruBrain was formulated with the goal of creating high-quality nootropic supplements backed by real, hard scientific results. This brain supplement promises to help people optimize cognitive performance in a safe and effective way.

All of its ingredients are included in pre-packaged day/night packs, where the manufacturer claims that taking a steady regimen of these pills every day will increase overall brain activity and balance mood. The positive reviews of TruBrain only supports the claim.

TruBrain Ingredients

  • Piracetam: The main ingredient found in TruBrain is Piracetam, which is a well-established nootropic supplement. It boosts metabolism in the brain, facilitating cerebral circulation, neurotransmission and signaling, and fluidity in cell membranes. It has a profound impact on a person’s learning, memory and sensory sensitivity.
  • Acetyl L-Cartinine: This is an anti-oxidant that also powerfully boosts cellular energy. A sense of mental and physical energy is translated into the body, along with fast-moving thoughts and easy access to memories.
  • DHA: This is an Omega 3 fatty acid, normally found in fish. It used to improve cell health and reduce inflammation in the brain. DHA is a vital component of skin health, with powerful neuro-protective and anti-aging properties.
  • CDP Choline: This is a form of choline, which supports brain cell health. It is the precursor to phosphatidylcholine and acetylcholine, the key neurochemicals related to memory function, reasoning skills, learning ability, and attention span.
  • Magnesium: An essential mineral, Magnesium regulates excitatory responses in the brain and can have a relaxing effect. Dehydration and over-exercise can cause Magnesium deficiencies.
  • Pramiracetam: This is a central nervous system stimulant and works to enhance creativity.
  • Theanine: This amino acid inhibits relaxing effects on the brain, keeping the user alert.
  • Tyrosine: One of the standard 20 amino acids, Tyrosine stimulates dopamine levels in the brain.

Reviews of TruBrain

User reviews of these memory pills are largely favorable, with many reporting great results in terms of mental alertness and motivation to complete tasks. As a matter of fact, positive attitude and confidence are regularly cited by users as important benefits of these pills.

Taking TruBrain for a week can yield minor improvements in cognitive activity, but after a month of use, people can tell the difference from before they started using the supplement. The supplement is available in an AM and PM pack, which are effective at providing all-day boosts in alertness, focus, and memory.

Dosages & Side Effects

The pills are not labeled for contents and everything must be taken together, every time, regardless of unique conditions or needs on any given day. This can also be considered as the side effect of Trubrain, as the user do not have the convenience of having to calculate dosages, although this offsets the ability to modify dosages.

In addition, some users had lucid dreams, while others report boosts in productivity and positive mood. However, the main concern for most users is price. But if you are looking for a quality nootropic supplement that helps with all areas of cognition, TruBrain is worth giving a shot.